Tips to know before buying Handmade rugs and carpets online

by Mudit pareek on

Buying carpets online is almost a matter of terror for most of us. The blockage will only drive us to "electronic tail" therapy, and this phenomenon will not...

Most popular carpet styles

by Mudit pareek on

In the recent history of fast-moving products, carpets have won first place. Carpets are not just floor coverings but are the fifth wall of well-built homes. Carpets, by...

10 reasons why you need carpets in your home

by Mudit pareek on

Flooring is not just the bottom line. It is the foundation of any beautiful room, and the rest will fix in itself. The warmth, it matters. Carpets are...

Things you should know about Carpet Care and Covid-19 Pandemic

by Mudit pareek on

What can be scarier than the knowledge or information is out from a non-authentic source? Will that be better if we expose ourselves to many numbers of information...

Comprehensive Guide on Choosing the Carpets for Different Spaces of the House

by Mudit pareek on

Carpets have that appeal and audacity to make the place look far more impressive than before. Be it warmth, look and feel, Carpets have something about them that...

Premium Handmade Carpets That Will Perfectly Match Your Vintage Décor

by Mudit pareek on

Carpets and rugs are the simplest way to make your space look artistic and enchanting. They add a different kind of charm to your space and dictate the...

Woolen Rugs : An Easy way to Incorporate Uniqueness & Elegance into the Ambiance

by Mudit pareek on

Revamping your house and thinking to incorporate some changes to make your house look unique and elegant? Worry not because just by adding a handmade woolen rug, you...

5 Rugs That Look Chic With Hardwood Floors

by Mudit pareek on

Decorating hardware floors demand for something ethnic and authentic. What could be better than handmade carpets and rugs in such a scenario! But while revamping, you need to...

Grey weave - A Perfect Place to Find Premium and Luxurious Carpets and Rugs

by Mudit pareek on

Carpets and rugs are the easiest way to add liveliness to space. Vibrant patterns, texture, and designs speak the volume about the ambiance and add an artistic factor...

Unveiling the New Collection for Carpet For 2021

by Mudit pareek on

From immemorial times, India is known for its handicraft industry. The country shares a rich heritage in hand-crafted textiles, woodware, hand knotted carpet, etc. with unique sumptuous designs...


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