Weavers Story

The Story of process & journey of this carpet is a Story of about 4500 work hours put into making a carpet by skilled artisans and weavers from across the country. Every carpet & rug made by them expresses a Thank you ! & and recites the story to parts of the world through your purchase. This empowers them with educations for young folks, food and shelter for their family. That is how, its Proudly Made in India

Hand Carding

Shorn raw wool is carefully detangled, cleaned and teased into individual strands by hand using a pair of carders, flat paddles with tiny teeth which pull the wool in different directions, separating the fibres and aligning them in the same direction ready for spinning.


The raw wool fibres are then carefully spun into continuous lengths of yarn, using a spinning wheel. The ply of the yarn is determined at this point. The experienced spinner uses their fingers to manipulate the wool and combine it into robust strands of the correct size for the knot number required.


Designers draw inspiration from around the world and chalks out the most inspiring, vibrant & soothing design for all homes and spaces.


Weavers & tufters use their skills & experience to bring-to-life the designs made by designers by graphing the design precisley to be further used for tufting with percison.


Yarn is dyed using the POT-Dyeing. It is one of the key elements in the production of a carpet. Accurate colour matching is essential to the success of a finished design. The Dye Master carefully matches Deirdre’s colour selection by eye and mixes pigments to absolute precision. The number of dyes depends on the complexity of the design and each dye can take up to a day to mix. The now pristine raw wool or silk yarn is immersed in pots submerged over and over until the required shade is achieved using a manually turned wheel.

Sun Drying

POT-dyed yarn is now soaked in sun for 48 hours for the color to set-in perfectly and uniformly.


Now the final tufting of wood and bamboo silk is done with the POT-dyed & SUN-dried yarn on the chalked our graph with percision.


Each carpet is washed with the HERBAL-WASH. The finished carpet is removed from the loom and submerged in water for extensive washing by hand. Large wooden paddles known as ‘Pharwa’ are used to push the water through the pile to tighten the fibres and make the carpet colour fast. The carpets are then dried on the rooftops, this sun drying is done on a stretcher which tightens the weave and stretches the carpet to the correct dimensions.

Trimming & Carving

Once dry, the carpet is carefully trimmed to a uniform pile height using large flat bladed-shears known as a ‘Kainchi” Then the highly skilled task of carefully ‘carving’ out specific design elements begins. This fine trimming of the design highlights and lightly defines areas where wool meets silk and or the areas specified by Deirdre.

Binding & Finishing

The fringe of warp threads is knotted, trimmed and the finished carpet is bound around the edges by hand to secure and finish it, ready for inspection, packing and shipment to our home.

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