Most popular carpet styles

  • by Mudit pareek

In the recent history of fast-moving products,carpets have won first place. Carpets are not just floor coverings but are the fifth wall of well-built homes. Carpets, by nature, can adapt well to the surroundings. If you want the maximum space to look minimal, or vice versa, they can fulfill the need. It goes well with the color, texture, and theme of the home. This one reason makes carpet a mandatory decor. Remember, trends keep changing, and so are the choices of people. Here are listed five most popular carpet styles of 2022.

  • Plush carpets
  • Textured carpets
  • Frieze carpets
  • Saxony carpets
  • Multicolor carpets

Plush carpets

Appearance and texture define them well. The use of nylon and polyester makes the plush carpet flexible and elegant. The ultra-plush Carpets are more durable and versatile. The aesthetic look it gives makes it more luxurious. You can also find plush carpets featured with combinations of both polyester and nylon. The clear-cut piles of plush carpets make it more flat and fluffy. The fibers in these carpets are evenly tufted to create a bushy outlook. These carpets are not only soft but offer the rooms the warmth it needs. You can place these carpets in areas where the movements are less frequent. The fibers of plush-pile carpets are tightly twisted and are as sensitive as the buyer.

Textured Carpets

Textured carpet is more suitable for the casual outlook of floors. The yarns, made by pressing them through a stuffer box, play a vital role in making textured carpets. Footprints are less noticeable yet more durable. They are well known for their known resistance to liquids and even moisture. Though it is flexible, it stays in form for till it gets destroyed. This type of carpets has unique colors, which sound relatable to varieties of color themes. Textured Carpets better suit offices and official sites than personal space due to their simple patterns.

Frieze Carpets

Frieze carpets are more befitting to crowded places. They are soft and comfortable. The twisted yarns and thick fibers keep them more durable. It is dense and trendy at the same time. This carpet naturally projects a clean frame as they hide dirt inside the twists. The lines between the Carpets are carefully tufted. These carpets have the curly composition of fibers which tucks the minute solid particles.

One can find fresh colors and patterns of this style. The one lovely factor which makes it interesting is they need very little maintenance. Multi-colored frieze carpets, which are the updated version of old shaggy Carpets, serve your need on high, especially if the traffic is more.

Saxony Carpets

Saxony carpets are best suitable for bedrooms due to their earthly texture. Usually, weavers create it using two different shades or varieties of fibers. Both are crooked together, using heat to display bright and mild slant at the same time. It is familiar in places where kids roam as they appear, changing their shades when caressed in its opposite direction. High-grade textured carpets can be placed, covering the stairs or in a living room if exposed to sunlight. Saxony carpets are easy to clean though dust stays in faster.

Multicolor carpets

These carpets, as the name defines, are colors of threads combined into one whole finished product. It feels attractive when placed in a kid's room or above wooden floors. They come in different unique varieties and shapes. It depends on the buyer's choice.

One can get equal shades of carpets or single color at the middle knitted with twisted threads of different colors. It sounds artistic with different patterns and forms. These carpets will also add formal looks if the shades are mild and created out of fluffy yarns.

Always remember to know more about their description, the type of yarn or thread used. You don't need professional help to learn more about the patterns. It is the customer's choice and the idea of decor that matters.


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