Guide to Carpets for Different Spaces of the House

  • by Mudit pareek

Carpets have that appeal and audacity to make the place look far more impressive than before. Be it warmth, look and feel, Carpets have something about them that completes the room décor in true sense. Choosing the perfect carpet for your space can’t be at random as it decides the look of your space. While choosing a carpet various factors are involved and the one that stands prominent in the process are material, size, price, color carpets, designs, patterns, etc. Depending upon the purpose, traffic, and functionality of the room, the right kind of carpet is being chosen.

At Grey Weave, a plethora of options for the premium to affordable carpets and rugs are available. These carpets are hand weaved by skilled artisans of India and provide a unique style statement to your space. Both vintage and modern carpets and rugs in a wide variety are available at the company. In order to provide your space a unique and appealing look, the carpets are important. To provide the artistic look to different spaces of your house and make it look unique and distinctive from each other, we are providing a step-by-step guide on how to choose a carpet for each room.

  • Living Room

The living room is the busiest space of the house as it is the place where you enjoy your evening snack, fun chit-chats, and quality time with guests. It needs to look magnificent as it is the first introduction of your guests to your house. In order to look astounding what option could be better than incorporating sumptuous carpets.

Here, the carpets need to be sturdy, appealing, and long-lasting. Softer, fancier varieties cannot last as long as hard-wearing carpets and lighter hues may become soiled and need frequent dry cleaning. In this area, stain-resistant nylon, polypropylene, and polyester work well.

  • Bedroom

Soft carpets are good for feet as it feels good to get out of bed and land on a fluffy, inviting carpet. It is a very personal space so it needs to be comfortable and soothing. This space is least used so fabrics like cotton, nylon, or wool are a perfect match for this place.

  • Dining Room

Dining rooms are seldom used, so the carpet is more of a decorative feature than a practical one. wool  or cotton rugs, whether thickly furnished, simple, or patterned are the amicable pick for the living room. These carpets can be placed below the table or at the room's entrance, depending on where the dining table is placed.

  • Bathroom

Outside the washroom, carpets are often put to soak up any water spills. Rugs can convert the bathroom if strategically positioned around the washbasin area and care is taken to avoid getting soaked.

Carpets are becoming more common in homes, but they should be chosen carefully. Using them as a fad instead of for a particular reason detracts from the value they may bring to a house.

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